“What makes you happy?” you asked, as you took another sip of the cheap coffee we’d just purchased from the small kiosk we passed by on the last street. I was too scared of seeing how you’d react, so I took my time to answer your question but then in the spur of the moment I smiled and said “You.” You blushed and a smirk started to creep across your face. We kept walking towards the park’s swing set, walking with you on cold windy days was always my favorite thing to do. Of course you beat me to my usual swing but I didn’t mind so I sat on the other. You started to say something but then stopped your self. I wasn’t sure if you were thinking or if you were just wordless, nevertheless, you stared at me with your bright hazel eyes, I couldn’t help but acknowledge that it always looked as if rays of sunshine were trapped inside of them. You finally decided to speak again and asked me “Why?” I didn’t know how to respond to that because I wasn’t sure how to explain that you were the most incredible person I had ever met so, I simply responded with, “I guess… It’s because there has never been a day in which you didn’t know how to make me feel better, even just listening to you talk about the most random stuff fills me up with a special kind of happiness.” As I finished talking I saw it again, the pinkish tone on your cheeks alongside the slight adorable smirk of yours. You looked at me again and I swear it was as if I could feel my heart beating inside of my chest. Suddenly you got up and took me by the hand, looked me straight in the eyes and said “That’s what I feel, every single second I’m around you M.” We both smiled from ear to ear and as the wind started to get more harsh, we got up and started walking back to your car with our fingers still intertwined. You had to push your hair out of your face every couple minutes, and though I loved your floppy hair it wasn’t helping you at all. As we came closer to the car you stopped walking and said “wait, I have something else to say to you” so I froze and turned towards you. You put your other hand against my cheek and for the first time I finally heard the words I had been waiting to hear from you since the first day we meet, you said “I love you M,” and you kissed my forehead. I took both your hands in mine, and I said “I’ve always loved you Ian.” You hugged me and in those few seconds it was as if we were the only two people on this planet, I wanted to freeze that moment and just live in it forever. Once we were inside the car you turned the heat up on high and started to drive, we drove for hours with no destination and that’s the day I realized I never wanted to lose you, the day I realized you had always been my person.


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