Six months ago had anyone told me I’d be moving in with you, I would have probably laughed in their face. It’s not that I don’t love you, you are and always will be my first true love. It’s just whenever you leave the toothpaste open, the sink full of dirty dishes, and your dirty socks all over our flat it gets kind of hard to still see you as perfect. I mean don’t get me wrong, I know no one is perfect, but while we were just starting to actually date, you seemed as a well put together person. I know I’m not the most perfect person in the world, but at least I know how to do my own laundry. Nevertheless I wouldn’t want to be with anyone but you. The way you look at me, whether it is 2 in the morning or 2 at night you still look at me with so much love. I love the fact that you don’t tell me I’m exaggerating anymore when I cry while we’re watching Grey’s Anatomy. You’re just always in such a happy, optimistic mood. I could be having the worst day and some how you always know how to make it all better. Sometimes while you’re watching TV I like to just sit next to you and just watch you, your facial reactions are some of my favorite. You told your Mom about me on our second month of dating and I was so terrified that she wasn’t going to like me. She invited us over to have dinner with your family, and on our way to your parents house I would never admit it to you but I was panicking. My family is close and everyone gets along very well, but you had told me stuff about yours hating each others guts. I wanted your mom so desperately to like me so I spent that whole morning baking your moms favorite kind of muffins so I could make a good impression. When we finally got there you stopped the car and took a deep breath I could tell you were nervous, possibly more nervous than I was. I put my hand over yours and smiled at you. After a couple minutes we finally made it to the front door and you hesitated to open the door for a few seconds. When we finally stepped inside your sister ran to greet us, Ally, I like her, she went in straight for a hug and to this day I still think she’s the most adorable 7 year old I’ve ever met. After she trailed away back to her drawing on the living room floor, I heard your mom scream out, “Ian? Honey is that you?” She walked out of the kitchen and stepped into the hallway, I couldn’t help but notice that she has your eyes. She came up to us and hugged you, I could tell she was happy to see you actually showed up. When she turned to me, she said “Hi, you must be Margo.. You can call me Amanda if you want, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you sweetheart.” I could hardly shake her hand because I was so nervous and I didn’t want to drop the basket full of muffins that was on my other hand. We made our way into the dining room  and the rest of your family said they were surprised that you finally brought someone home to meet them. I didn’t know what to make of that so I just smiled and your mom showed me where I could put the muffins, she told me she was very thankful for them. Dinner was great and the cake your mother baked for dessert was delightful. Hours went by and soon enough we said our goodbyes and made our way to the door, your mother hugged me and said she was really happy that you had met someone like me. When we got to our flat we got ready for bed and just sat there talking for hours, and if I’m honest, those are my favorite moments with you, when you talk to me about your thoughts and feelings. I don’t think moving in with you was a bad idea, waking up next to my best friend everyday feels pretty great. I’m happy to have someone as great as you in my life, and I wouldn’t trade you for anything.

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