My 100+ New Years Resolutions

  1. Be nicer to others
  2. Be more understanding
  3. Eat healthier
  4. Finish my book
  5. Lose weight
  6. Get more sleep
  7. Stop procrastinating EVERYTHING
  8. Waste less money
  9. Improve my mental skills
  10. Keep up with my friends more
  11. Be less active on social media
  12. Live in the present
  13. Stop trying to fit in and be myself
  14. Pay more attention
  15. Take bigger chances
  16. Be more confident
  17. Get a job
  18. Save more money
  19. Be even more polite
  20. Reduce stress
  21. Accept things I can not change
  22. Be happy
  23. READ more
  24. Watch less television
  25. Be even more organized
  26. Better my sense of style
  27. Spend more time with people that matter
  28. Get better at expressing my emotions
  29. Study more
  30. Take a higher interest in my studies
  31. Take challenging courses
  32. Drink less
  33. Learn my 5th Language
  34. Volunteer in more things I care about
  35. Give more to charity
  36. Develop more hobbies
  37. Learn useful skills
  38. Let go of old grudges
  39. Stop moping around
  40. Adopt another pet
  41. Travel to places I’ve always wanted to go to
  42. Sketch more often
  43. Learn to cook better
  44. Get regular checkups
  45. Develop a skin care routine
  46. Stop being late to places and be more on time
  47. Write more
  48. Learn to take control of my emotions better
  49. Be more responsible
  50. Be more open-minded
  51. Learn more about art and music
  52. Keep up with important dates better
  54. Be more outgoing
  55. Start expressing myself more artistically
  56. Face my fears and insecurities
  57. Stick to healthy habits
  58. Be more honest with myself
  59. Stop eating fast food
  60. Stop judging people
  61. Stop hating myself
  62. Work on trying to find myself
  63. Stop drinking soda
  64. Eat less junk food
  65. Reconnect with an old friend
  66. Get a mentor
  67. Stop eating sweets
  68. Establish a budget
  69. Be more adventurous
  70. Complete a 30 day challenge
  71. Worry less
  72. Hang out with my family more
  73. Find a little bit of enlightenment
  74. Go to the dentist more
  75. Engage into more school spirit activities
  76. Meet someone new everyday
  77. Drink more water
  78. Go to the movies more
  79. Go out with my friends more
  80. Stop worrying about what others think
  81. Stop being so lazy
  82. Go for a daily walk with my dog
  83. Go to more concerts
  84. Meet a celebrity somehow lol
  85. Recycle more
  86. Get a tattoo
  87. Get a makeover
  88. Dye my hair a different color
  89. Stop overthinking
  90. See a therapist
  91. Keep a cleaner home
  92. Stop getting mad over everything so easily
  93. Go a while without my phone
  94. Listen more
  95. Encourage my friends to do great things
  96. Believe in myself more
  97. Take my vitamins
  98. Don’t text and drive anymore
  99. Stop being so negative
  100. Post more things to my blog
  101. Dream bigger
  102. Talk to/ Spend more time with my mother more
  103. Stop wasting less time on the internet
  104. Take better care of my pets
  105. Be more conscientious
  106. Stop drinking so much coffee
  107. Stop eating so much take-out
  108. Drink more tea
  109. Stretch every morning
  110. Start doing yoga
  111. Compliment everyone at least once a day
  112. Write thank you notes for my friends
  113. Create positive sticky notes so I can give them to people who I think might need them
  114. Do more good for everyone and myself
  115. Start living

2 Comments Add yours

  1. 115???i mean really…its too herculean job for me to maintain even one resolution…good luck…welcome…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. itsdianawbu says:

      haha i picked pretty simple ones, thanks! i’m trying my best!

      Liked by 1 person

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