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It takes the human body at least 20-60 seconds to stop fighting the oceans current, it takes approximately 3-4 minutes for an average person to drown. During those few minutes a person will experience: raw panic, exhaustion, and lack of oxygen. That is what I felt when you said that this wasn’t working out for you…

Au Revoir 2017!

2017 was one of the worst and best years of my life thus far. Though I started off the year with a broken heart things got better.

i knew it was you

when i was younger i thought that when you “fell in love,” with someone something in you shifted. and you could feel it, an instant change inside of you. i always figured that was a silly thing to think but then your eyes met mine. and from across the room, while everything else felt unimportant….

amber eyes

you became the name i called for in the darkness of my room when i couldn’t find myself and i needed you. when you did not show, i only wished to be anywhere except for the places in which i’d heard you laugh, in the places i’d seen you smile. not because i did not…

The Science Behind Hugs

Who doesn’t like to give/receive hugs? Besides kissing, hugging someone is a really intimate form of showing affection. However did you know what actually happens inside of your/ their body whenever you hug someone? Your pituitary gland releases lots of good hormones that’s what happens! It also lowers your cortisol levels.

My 100+ New Years Resolutions

Be nicer to others Be more understanding Eat healthier Finish my book Lose weight Get more sleep Stop procrastinating EVERYTHING Waste less money Improve my mental skills Keep up with my friends more Be less active on social media Live in the present Stop trying to fit in and be myself Pay more attention Take…

Unhealthy Relationships & Domestic Violence

What is a Healthy Relationship? A healthy relationship involves two people who share: Mutual respect Trust Honesty Support Fairness/Equality Separate Identities Good communication How to maintain a healthy relationship? Be aware of what you both want for yourselves and what you want from the relationship Inform each other of what you’re personal needs are Know…